As children, we would often make a silent wish as we blew on the dandelion, hoping the seeds would scatter, and turn our wish into a reality. Now, with your help, our schools and nonprofit organizations no longer need to rely on the winds of fate to make a much-needed wish come true.

The “make a wish come true“ program gives a voice to those silent wishes and helps find the people that can make those wishes a reality.

By clicking on grant a wish you can find a detailed list of wishes from our approved organizations and schools. Granting a wish, can be as simple as making a full or partial financial donation, directly purchasing a small item for them, or even donating gently used items you no longer need. Donations are tax deductible as allowed by the IRS. For tax and tracking purposes 100% of all monetary donation will be directed to the chosen charities through TCF.

The list will be updated as wishes are made, and granted, so please check back frequently.

To make a wish please fill out a wish application by clicking on the make a wish heart.

For questions or assistance, please email