1963  TUSTIN AREA MAN OF THE YEAR: Glenn Sissel*


Tustin News, Volume 41, Number 11, 23 January 1964

Tustin Chamber of Commerce’s award dinner-dance the evening of Jan. 17 at Red Hill Tennis Club saw Police Chief Glerui Sissel win the coveted “Man of the Year” trophy, for his work in behalf of the youth of the community and area.

A little over a year ago, Sissel organized the teenage dances which are held every other Saturday night in Tustin Area Youth Center, to provide a recreational outlet for youngsters, which would otherwise be lacking.

The chief modestly accepted the trophy, only on condition that it be considered also, an award to all the men
of his hard-working department, who have helped to make the success of the dances possible. Other activities started by Sissel on behalf of youth include bicycle races and testing held at times on the Youth Center lot.
Mayor George Doney did the honors of presentation of the award to his police chief. Lou Gerding, Chamber president, was master of ceremonies during the award giving, making a plaque presentation to retiring president, Ken Lovell, handing framed certificates for outgoing directors Ed Egan and Roily Mahoney.

A social hour preceded the dinner which offered a choice of steak or lobster. A big bag of balloons and other prizes was broken after the dinner, and dancing followed until shortly after midnight.