1966  TUSTIN AREA WOMAN OF THE YEAR: Margaret Pottenger

The Jabberwocky, girls’ and young ladies’ apparel store.

Tustin News, Volume 44, Number 33, 6 July 1967

PAIR OF WINNERS at Chamber of Commerce installation dinner-dance June 29 at Tennis Club were Earl Rowenhorst, Man of the Year; and Margaret Pottenger, Woman of the Year, of The Jabberwocky, girls’ and young ladies’ apparel store.

Surprise announcements naming Earl Rowenhorst Tustin Chamber of Commerce’s Man of the Year for 1966 and Margaret Pottenger as the Tustin area’s first Woman of the Year highlighted last Thursday’s annual chamber installation of officers dinnerdance.

Held in Red Hill Tennis Club about 150 members and guests saw the new officers installed by Wm. L. Aidrich, public relations director of the Irvine Co. Nick Barletta, incoming president, promised his members an action-packed year. Outgoing president John Jamieson and other officer directors: Bob Schoeffler, treasurer; Helen Holthe. secretary; and Con Adams, vice-president, were honored with merit awards.

Rowenhorst’ s honor was announced by William A. Moses II, chairman of this year’s Man of the Year committee on behalf of the group. He recounted the various activities Rowenhorst had carried on to the benefit of the Tustin school districts and Tustin City in the annexation line.

Miss Pottenger, like Rowenhorst a former chamber director and hard worker for Tustin area over the past decade, was chosen by the Man of the Year committee for her outstanding contributions in civic work. Traditionally, former men of the year for this area meet at chamber direction to choose secretly the person
to be honored. With Miss Pottenger’s selection, it was noted, a new category is now open for future honors of women active in Tustin area civic endeavor.. Among others introduced at the meeting were Fred Waitman, new Tustin Chamber secretary – manager, Mrs. Waitman and his aide, Liz

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