Non-profit Organization/School NameHeideman Elementary PTA
Non-profit Organization/School Website
Community ServedExpanding Educational Opportunity
Tax ID90-1252045
Non-profit Organization/School Address15571 Williams St, Tustin, California 92780
Contact Person’s NameSherry Davis
Contact Person’s Phone714-730-7521 x65425
Contact Person’s
Name/Description of ItemMonetary Donation
Amount Needed$210 or $210 per student to attend Outdoor Science School.
On-Going or One Time RequestOne-Time
Does this request have a required date to be filled?03/01/2024

Why does your organization need this item?

We are taking our 5th graders to Outdoor Science School in April. It costs $210 per student to attend. We are fundraising like crazy and have raised almost $8,000 of the $14,700 needed. We would appreciate any help possible. Thank you!

How will it be used to help your organization achieve its mission?

The donation will help us pay for one student to go to Outdoor Science School.

How will your organization recognize the donor(s)?

Our students will write the donor(s) a thank you letter and we will recognize you on our school’s social media.

For tax and tracking purposes 100% of all monetary donation will be directed to the chosen charities through TCF.