Non-profit Organization/School NameThe Open School
Club/Team/Group Name
Non-profit Organization/School Website
Community ServedExpanding Educational Opportunity
Tax ID46-0745295
Non-profit Organization/School Address2625 N Tustin Ave, Santa Ana, California 92705
Contact Person’s NameCassi Clausen
Name/Description of ItemProfessional quality Pottery Wheel
Amount Needed1
On-Going or One Time RequestOne Time
Link to Website Where Item Can Be Purchased
Condition of Item (New, Gentle Used, ADA Compliant)New or used
Approximate Value$1500
Does this request have a required date to be filled?No

Why does your organization need this item?

We do not currently have a way for students to explore pottery and ceramics. Hands-on arts and crafts is both therapeutic and empowering for our creative kids.

How will it be used to help your organization achieve its mission?

Our alternative school is a place for kids to explore all interests, and we find that they are often very creative. We are looking to expand our offerings for more hands-on arts, such as pottery.

How will your organization recognize the donor(s)?

We will happily thank you on our social media platforms, in our newsletter, and on our website. We would also love to provide you with a piece of pottery made by one of our students.

For tax and tracking purposes 100% of all monetary donation will be directed to the chosen charities through TCF.